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#1. Wesley “1, 2 St3P” Shang
#2. Gopal “Cocoa Puff” Desai
#3. Jakovin “The Burning Bush” Lee
#4. Tim “Deadmaufive” Kang
#5. Masa “Buttercup” Watanabe
#6. Alex “Woody” Guzman
#7. Vincent “Phoenix Down” Wang
#8. Duc “PokeHerFace” Doan
#9. Adam “Old Dog New Tricks” Lee
#10. William “Skeet Shooter” Yen
#11. Chauncey “Febreze” Cleveland
#12. Joe “Cap’n ‘Murica” Baldock
#13. Kevin “Buzz” Cheng
#14. Zach “Tokem Pole” Jones
#15. Scott “Brack Swan” Dobbin
#16. Albert “My Sassy Boy” Kang
As of August 26, 2020, the Lambda Phi Epsilon Associate Chapter at UNC Chapel Hill has been released from its suspension by our International Board. We would like to thank all who spoke out and recognize their tremendous bravery and efforts in promoting accountability within the community. The actions of perpetrators in no way represent our fraternity’s vision or chapter values. As we continue to move forward, the active house aims to enact sustainable changes so the voices of survivors are fully understood and incorporated within future plans. To meet the expectations that we and the community hold for ourselves, we have been working with various community groups to reform our fraternity. Going forward, our organization has begun to do the following:

1. Incorporate sexual assault prevention education within the new member education process as a means of diminishing harmful behaviors that may propagate into the current fraternity culture as well as promoting ways for future brothers to participate in collective efforts to better their community.

2. Mandate that all current members attend university and national board sponsored workshops on the topics of sexual assault, toxic masculinity, and more so that change can begin in the current active house going forward.

• Lambda Phi Epsilon has recently announced its partnership with RAINN, and it is in our goals to work with the organization towards supporting healthy interactions between our members and members of our community.

• We have attended a workshop with the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life this month with regard to toxic masculinity and sexual assault and we plan to implement these lessons for future workshops.

3. Retroactively tending to our own history by delettering and disaffiliating with any past members who have undermined the well-being of our community with their actions.

It is our desire to maintain an open dialogue with the community, so we will continue to accept and review any and all feedback or suggestions on how we can create the safest and most forward-looking environment we can.

We are actively working with our International Board on these ongoing issues, so that we can educate ourselves and promote a culture that aligns with the aforementioned action plans. Any further questions or information regarding these incidents can be reported to Lambda Phi Epsilon Executive Director Zac Antonius at for investigation and review.

Here are a list of resources available to the UNC community and beyond if professional help is needed for situations regarding sexual assault:

UNC’s resources for reporting sexual assault and seeking help:

Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network:

Directory of organizations with sexual violence resources:

NC Rape Crisis Center:

SAFE Alliance 24-Hour Hotline:

Turning Point Sexual Assault Resource Center Hotline: